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Jing'an's  Education

Lying at the center of metropolitan Shanghai, Jing’an District glows with cultural legacy, celebrity anecdotes, and economic development. Education has always been given priority in Jing’an’s development strategy, strengthening educational quality. The district has over 50 educational organizations and institutions which host more than 28,800 pupils and students. Modernization of district education is generally implemented.

The feature and style of Jing’an’s quality education are formed by fair and balanced public education services, elite development of preschool education, quality and balanced development of compulsory education, characteristic development of high school education, student-oriented development of special education, vocational education and the building of learning communities

Currently, Jing’an’s education is taking firm and steady paces on the road to modernization and internationalization of quality education with a slogan of "light up life with education."

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